Songs About Girls

I am really good at having female friends. Not bullshit friends, real friends. Some of my best friends since I’ve lived in Los Angeles have been girls. I have been on dates, had a good relationship, and all that other stuff too in that time period. I know it sounds cheesy and dumb, but sometimes I hear a song and identify it with a person or situation. This is a mix featuring songs that describe the many different kinds of relationships that I have had with girls, or women or whatever, during my LA years.

1) Just My Imagination- The Temptations

This is the saddest and most embarrassing of all possible interpersonal relationships- the imaginary. Obviously, this guy doesn’t even know this girl, and she doesn’t know he exists. When you don’t know somebody you are free to imagine the best. I know that I have seen or barely met some girl and thought- “damn it, why didn’t you ask that girl out. Oh, that’s right, you’re an idiot and a pussy.” Then I hate myself for the rest of the week.

2) Midnight Confessions- The Grassroots

Come on now, admit it, everybody has wished that they had somebody that has already been snagged by some mouth breathing twat that couldn’t carry your jock strap. This isn’t really all that far off from the previous “relationship,” it’s a fantasy. OR, it can have a little toe hold in reality, and then it extra sucks. Oh well, buck up friend, there’s somebody else out there for you. I just know it.

3) All I Really Want to Do- Bob Dylan

I know that Dylan is kind of winking at us in this song, but let’s take it literally. I really really like having female friends, and I’m usually good at it. Sometimes that friendship can get a little murky because after all you are a boy and a girl. Sometimes I just want to say- “Please, I really like you and want to be your friend. That’s it. I don’t want anything else from you, and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable around you. Please, believe me. Let’s be friends and hang out.” Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t go so well, and then it gets worse.

4) I Just Want to Make Love to You- Muddy Waters (written by Willie Dixon)

This song is the other end of the spectrum of the previous song. Sometimes I don’t want to hang out with a young lady and talk. Sometimes there is someone that I just want to sleep with, and that’s it. I am a nice guy, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I know this isn’t very realistic as anything beyond a one night stand, but I would like to think it is. I mean everyone’s having an okay time, right? No harm done.

5) Reason to Believe- Tim Harden

There are lot’s of good covers of this song. This is the original. I have definitely had this one here in LA, and it was terrible. I feel dumb for letting it happen, and hopefully it was the last time it ever will.

6) Please, Please, Please- James Brown

This is the worst one, obviously. AND it can lead to all kinds of mistakes in situations represented in the other songs- crossing the line with a friend and ruining a friendship, questionable hook-up decisions, or irrational crushes.

7) You’ve Got a Friend in Me- Randy Newman

The Toy Story trilogy is one of my all-time favorites. It’s genius. I also like Randy Newman, and that includes this song. I love having friends that I really like and can feel relaxed around. Having girls as friends is extra great because they will talk about stuff that guys are either hesitant to talk about, or are just dumb about.

8) She’s Got Everything- The Kinks

Oh man, it’s rare, but it’s wonderful. Sometimes it all works out people, I mean until it doesn’t. Then the Kinks carriage turns into a James Brown pumpkin, or you get married.


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