London’s Burning

I have a number of friends in London. I’m sure they’re all okay, but scared. This is a London mix. All London bands/ artists. A lot of these songs are aggressive, but that’s not meant to be a show of support for the rioters. I am not a fan of riots, and I have been worried about my London friends for the past few days. Stay safe over there, especially Sara and her little one.

1) The Clash- White Riot

This entire mix could be Clash songs about riots. This song is about white kids finding something worth rioting about. It was written on the heals of the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival Riots.

2) The Damned- Smash It Up

This is a particularly vicious version of this song by the Damned.

3) The Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK

London and the UK were a mess in the 70s. The 2010s are kind of 70s like, it doesn’t look good out there.

4) The Yardbirds- Stroll On

Swingin’ London. I love this movie and song. The ass kicking 1966 version of The Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page AND Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck is the one that destroys the gear and throws the guitar neck into the crowd of bored hipsters.

5) The Rolling Stones- Gimmie Shelter

The Stones playing the song that was the title of the documentary about their Altimont show/ disaster that a lot of people think was the symbolic “end of the 60s.”

6) The Who- My Generation

“My friends call me Kieth, you can call me John.” The Who on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour doing a performance that was literally too explosive. Kieth Moon overdid it and damaged camera equipment, Pete Townsends hearing and hair, and blew shrapnel into his own arm.

7) The Eyes- I’m Rowed Out

The Eyes have it, I’ll tell you that much! (hey-yo) I love The Eyes, but they kind of fell through the cracks.

8) The Pretty Things- Come See Me

The Who if they never made it big.

9) Led Zeppelin- Communication Breakdown

Shockingly loud and fast for 1969. Look at those kids in the front head banging!

10) Nurse With Wound- Bottom Feeder


11) Basement Jaxx- Where’s Your Head At

12) Sway- Up Your Speed

13) Dizzee Rascal- You Can’t Tell Me Nuffin’

14) The Streets- Has it Come to This

15) The Jam- In the City

Tony Wilson!

16) Sham 69- Borstal Breakout

17) X-Ray- Oh Bondage, Up Yours

18) The Clash- London Calling

19) The Clash- London’s Burning

20) The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset

This is one of my favorite songs. It’s the first song I think of when I think of London. Feels like a good way to end this.



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